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Wards at the Dementia Village

         PwD stay in “private wards” in each block. The wards are designed to take care of PwD in category C3 to C7. It is expected that patients in category C1 and C2 are not usually admitted in a care center as the impact of dementia would not be debilitating both for the PwD as well as the family members. Some in C3 category may be admitted when the disease is diagnosed and when there is no help available at the home front. C4 is a crucial stage when family members feel the fatigue. PwD in C3 stage is normally physically strong enough to move around, but the cognitive loss is more pronounced and a few PwD might go missing from their homes. Even in home settings, family members often find it difficult. PwD from C3 to C6 stages are often admitted in care homes. In NIKISA Dementia Village PwD in category C3 to C5 are treated and cared in Special wards and those in advanced stages viz C6 and C7 require higher level of clinical care and therefore cared in the Intensive Care Block or ICU block.




There are six wards in each block. 4 wards are single wards and two are double bed wards. Each ward is provided with cot & bed, sofa units, storage units. They have attached bathrooms with continuous water. The bed is provided with bed spreads, pillows, safety bars, duvets. Rubberized wood flooring in wards contributes to PwD safety. The wards are bright and have sound proof glass windows. Safety bards are installed in windows on the basis of assessment of the PwD. In Double wards a relative of the PwD can also stay. In the Intensive care block PwD who are
n C6 and C7 stages are taken care of. This has fowlers bed, nursing station, duty doctors room with facilities for terminal care. As rule Ventilators are not provided in ICU unit.


Reception Desk

This is at the entrance to Dementia Village. Security personnel guard this block on 24 X 7 basis. The receptionist and Patient Relations Officer also  function from this block. The reception block has a Consultation chamber with dressing facility. It has change rooms for staff to change their street dress and wear hospital uniform.

Dining Hall

There is a dining room at Dementia Village. Patients who like the company of others can come here and dine. In addition, in each block dining table is provided so that as a community, the PwD will dine along with fellow PwDs and nursing assistants. Cutlery used are carefully chosen for safe use by the PwD.


 Dementia Village has a park area covering 56000 sq ft. All wards face the central park. Landscaped garden watered by sprinkler is a site to watch. The Central avenue has chairs to sit. A fountain at the middle of the Central Avenue is a treat to eyes. Park area is lit with solar power all through the night.

Walking Track

The Dementia Village provides safe waling tracks. The covered corridor stretches over 450 ft.This apart, inner walking track is about 750 ft. This track is very safe and well lit even during night. PwD can come out of their wards anytime they want and roam around. The outer walking track measuring 950 ft is open from 6.30 to 8.30 Am and 4.30 to 6 PM.

Patient Safety

The Entry and Exit gate and the whole premises is under the supervision of security personnel and surveillance cameras on 24 X 7 basis. All wards have both acoustic and movement sensors along with cameras. The Dementia village is free from street dogs, cows, pigs and other stray animals, as well as bee hives, snakes etc. No plant with thorns, white sap, prickles, and allergic bristles is allowed to grow within the premises. Control of external stimuli, especially noise, has been accorded top priority.


The Dementia Village has an independent kitchen block to ensure that fresh diet prescribed by nutritionist is made available to the PwD from time to time. Experienced cooks will prepare the Diet. The PwD will get the Diet that they are normally used to in their life. Apart from normal vegetarian diet which includes rice, chapathi and curries, regional food is also provided. If the PwD shows interest the cooks will allow PwD to join them in cooking their food. For the present, only cooked vegetarian food is provided to PwD.

Kitchen Garden

The Dementia Village grows a large portion of its vegetables it requires right on the campus. This is to ensure that good quality vegetables are available for the residents. A tree garden ensures supply of Curry leaves, drum sticks, lemons, banana and papaya.


Dementia Village has a well equipped lounge for celebrating functions by the family members of PwD. In case the family members choose to celebrate birthday of PwD, or want to have any other get-togethers they can utilize lounge and catering facilities of Dementia Village facilities.

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