Therapies available at Dementia Village

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Minor OT

The Dementia Village has a minor Operation theatre which can be used for injections, wound dressing and minor procedures. For small procedures the PwD are not referred to hospitals.


The Dementia Village has a very well equipped Physiotherapy unit and PwD will get services of the Physiotherapists as and when required.

Memory Clinic

A memory clinic is set up at Dementia Village for proper assessment and staging of PwD. Residing PwD will be assessed through periodical memory clinics to tracking the prognosis.

Music Therapy

Exactly in the center of the Dementia Village a fountain has been created. On either side of this road well laid park is located. Around the fountain benches are placed so that PwD can enjoy the serenity of Dementia village with Music.

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Horticulture Therapy

There are reports that involving PwD in horticultural activity can help them to get meaningfully engaged and such actions contribute to improved quality of living.

Spiritual Therapy

There is a temple (Prayer hall) within the Dementia village. PwDs who wish can visit this temple and get spiritual solace.

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